Lewtrakimou & Adam More ~ Fascinating Everything


a closer listen

coverThe title is apt: Fascinating Everything is indeed fascinating.  This beguiling release goes in every direction save the expected; when it is over, one asks, what did I just hear?  The product of a former Arkansan (now in South Korea) and a Canadian, this tape crosses both physical borders and genre boundaries on its way to something new.

If there is any corollary to make, it may be to the work of múm in its Summer Make Good era, since Lauren Walker’s (Lewtrakimou’s) voice bears the same quality: innocent and childlike, until it turns to something strange and slightly sinister.  This tone is apparent in the title video as well, as time and time again, the familiar shifts into the odd.  The resulting feeling is what one might experience if suddenly realizing that one has unintentionally ingested hallucinogenic drugs.  The track itself is one of the album’s best, beginning with…

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