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Lewtrakimou & Adam More ~ Fascinating Everything

Originally posted on a closer listen:
The title is apt: Fascinating Everything is indeed fascinating.  This beguiling release goes in every direction save the expected; when it is over, one asks, what did I just hear?…

#chill out

니가 아침부터 일을 하러 나갔다가 새벽까지 일하고 오는 사이 티비쇼를 보고 영화도 보고 모시랑 놀고 치킨도 시켜먹고 집에서 재밌는 시간도 보내고 침대에서 편안히 쉬었어

Korean American Chinese Food

Today’s Menu: Fried rice with 간장 + spring onion + 계란 + garlic

Taco Bell the Movie

Babe. What? Let’s talk about the movie. What? Talk about the movie. Taco Bell? No, let’s talk about the movie. 나 개임 끝나고~~ <영어 연습!  75%  엔드 타코 벨 먹고 싶어~>

We Are Space Deers 우리는 우주사슴s~~

Space Eyes + 사슴눈 = Space Deers Welcome to Our World! We love to adventure and music and work odd jobs.  We are lazy but when we aren’t we will write about Space… Continue reading